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Belova Tatyana Viktorovna, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of private law, Russian State Humanitarian University (6 Miusskaya square, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. Secured by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the guarantee of the right of property and inviolability of property for every person provides a number of exceptions. For example, the impossibility of emergence of the property right or the basis for termination of the right of private property of the natural person may occur, when the person commits actions testifying to the ungrateful or unworthy attitude towards the subject specified in the law, or evasion from execution of the duties assigned to such person by the law. One of the traditional and, at the same time, urgent problems in the system of private property relation of natural persons is the problem of timeliness and legality of identification of such illegal acts and validity of application of the corresponding measures to the violator provided by the law. The work purpose is to analyse the precepts of law regulating donation cancellation, infliction of harm to life and health of the rent recipient, recognition of the person to be an unworthy successor, evasion from execution of child support obligations as the basis of termination of the right of private property.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented thorugh analyzing judgments of courts of law, which had justified and developed the considered conceptual provisions. The methodological potential included comparative and legal methods, which allowed to compare contents and values of fundamental decisions of judicial authorities, doctrinal justifications of researchers for development of the theory and practice of the right regulation.
Results. The article describes legal relations, in which the person’s behavior may be the basis for termination of the right of private property, and in some cases such relation are recognized as a presumption of impossibility of emergence of the property right for such persons.
Conclusions. The study of judicial practice materials, the analysis of standards of the current legislation, views of researchers have allowed to conclude that at donation cancellation, infliction of harm to life and health of the rent recipient, at recognition of the person’s being an unworthy successor, at evasion from execution of child support obligations the termination of the right of private property of the natural person is possible.

Key words

right of private property, donation, property, rent, unworthy successor, alimony, termination of the property right

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